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Nail Services

Houston's Premier Nail Spa: Expert Russian Nail Art & 3D Nails
Indulge in the epitome of nail pampering at our Houston, Texas salon. Unwind in the luxurious ambiance of our nail spa, offering Russian nail art expertise. Discover why we're among the best nail salons in Houston, ensuring your nails receive meticulous care. Explore our chic nail shop in Houston, TX, and experience the artistry of 3D nails and lashes. Elevate your beauty routine at the premier nail places in Houston. Transform your nails into masterpieces at our 3D Nails and Lashes salon in Houston, TX.

Unleash Glamour - Manicures at Le Bijou Nails and Spa!

Basic Manicure, technician pushing cuticles

Basic Manicure

Time: 30 minPrice: $25

We use the highest quality materials to ensure that even the most sensitive skin is protected during and after the procedure.

Woman curing her gel manicure under uv/led light

Gel Manicure

Time: 45 minPrice: $40

This gel polish application will be applied on your own natural nails. Gel polish will dry instantly under a UV/LED light with an estimated wear time of 7 - 21 days depending on individuals lifestyle. (Includes: trim/file, cuticle care, gel polish, massage) 

Woman getting nails done

Cuccio Milk Honey Manicure

Time: 60 minPrice: $45

The Cuccio Milk Honey Manicure is a luxurious treatment that involves soaking the hands in milk and honey-infused water, exfoliating the skin, moisturizing with rich lotions, and providing a relaxing massage, resulting in soft, nourished hands and rejuvenated nails.

Woman getting nails done

Pamper Me Manicure

Time: 60 minPrice: $55

This manicure moisturizes for healthier-looking softer skin! it includes the basic manicure, mask, hot towel, lotion, massage, paraffin, and polish. The paraffin wax treatment will detox and hydrate, leaving your skin feeling irresistibly soft.

Woman getting nails done

Russian Manicure

Time: 60 minPrice: $50

A Russian manicure, also known as a dry manicure or an E-file manicure and performed without the use of water.The main characteristic of a Russian manicure is the use of an electric file (E-file) to gently remove dead skin, cuticles, and calluses around the nails. *Add Ons: Gel $15*Add Ons : Hard Gel 65+

Services to Complement Manicures


  • Buff Shine


  • Cat Eye


  • Nail Shape


    Shapes like almond, stiletto and coffin

  • Nail Repair


  • Hot Stone Massage


  • Soak Off Gel or Acrylics


    Soaking off old gel polish and acrylics.

  • Deep French Gel


  • Cuticle Cut/Quick Mani


  • Hot Stones


  • Hot Stones & Paraffin Wax Combo


  • Massage $1 Per Min


  • Swarovski /Diamonds


  • Nail Art


    Nail Art varies from what you want. Please show us your desire design and we will quote you a price.

  • Trim Nail


  • Almond/Stiletto/Coffin


  • Additional Length


  • Chrome


  • Add Gel On Hands


  • French Gel


  • 2 French Gel


  • Paraffin Wax


  • Extra Callus Removal


  • Polish On Hands


  • Polish On Feet


Nail Enhancement

Other Services

  • Solar with White Tips


  • Apres Gel - X

    from $65+

    Gel-X is an alternative method to acrylic and dip. This service includes cuticle care. It is a full cover tip system (full cover meaning the nail tip covers the base area of your cuticle and extends out to either your free edge or past your free edge) and the tips come pre-shaped and filled with pre-set length. PRICES VARY DEPENDING ON THE LENGTH & DESIGN YOU CHOOSE. Shape is already included.

  • Ombre

    from $65+

  • Solar Full Set

    from $45+

  • Soft Gel with gel polish

    from $60+

  • Russian Mani w/ Builder Gel

    from $60+

  • Dip Powder Overlay


  • Fullset with Gel Polish


  • Dip with Tips

    from $50+

  • Color Powder

    from $55+


  • Pink & White

    from $60+


  • Hard Builder Gel Set

    from $70+


  • Overlay Set On Nails

    from $40


Pampered Toes - Pedicures at Le Bijou Nails and Spa!

Woman getting her toe nails painted

Basic Spa Pedicure

Time: 40 minPrice: $35
This pedicure includes nail cutting, shaping, cuticle removal, massage, callus removal and the color of your choice.

Woman getting her toe nails done

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Time: 40 minPrice: $48
Sea salt scrub, mask hot towel wrap, and massage.

Woman getting a foot massage

Cuccio Milk Honey Spa Pedicure

Time: 60 minPrice: $58
Enjoy the gentle pampering of this sweet treatment that includes the Basic Spa Pedicure, milk and honey sea salt soak, sugar scrub and mask, hot towel wrap, and extra massage.

Woman getting her organic spa pedicure

Organic Spa Pedicure

Time: 60 minPrice: $65
This try treatment with relaxing and fresh-smelling herbal ingredients. It includes the Basic Spa Pedicure, herbal sea salt scrub, herbal mask and lotion (choice of scent), hot towel, and extra massage.
Choose from our 14 BotanicalEscapes Herbal Spa services!

Woman filing her toes

Herbal Spa Pedicure

Time: 60 minPrice: $63
This try treatment with relaxing and fresh smelling herbal ingredients. It includes the Basic Spa Pedicure, herbal sea salt scrub, herbal mask and lotion (choice of scent), hot towel, and extra massage
Choose from our 14 BotanicalEscapes Herbal Spa services!*Choose your scent: Cherry Blossom, Orchid, Wild Pomegranate, Lavender, Cool Burst, Peppermint, Rose

Woman getting her toes painted

Collagen Spa Pedicure

Time: 60 minPrice: $65
Nourish and revitalize with the collagen in this treatment. It includes Basic Spa Pedicure, collagen crystals that detoxifies and smoothen skin, collagen sugar cane scrub to renew skin texture making it feel younger and smooth, a collagen cream mask to maintain skin's youthful beauty, and a hot towel. We follow with collagen muscle-relaxing gel that refreshes and relaxes muscles, collagen massagelotion to hydrate and moisturize with natural oils and plant-based collagen leaving skin silky, and collagen serum lotion.
*Choose your scent: No.5 Perfume, Luxury Pearl, Sweet Orange, Lavender

Woman getting a foot massage

Volcano Spa Pedicure

Time: 60 minPrice: $80
This pedicure includes the Basic Spa Pedicure combined with a unique pedicure experience that gives skin a detoxifying and rejuvenating treatment. We start with a luxurious bubbling "Volcano action to arouse pleasurable sensations and follow with a refreshing tropical scent, mask, and lotion that contain collagen to retain elasticity and keep skin glowing and youthful. The treatment also features Detox Volcano Crystals, exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask, collagen massage lotion, hot towel, hot stone, and paraffin wax.
*Choose your scent: Orange No.5 Honey Pearl, Romance, Tropical Citrus

Little Luxuries

For kids under 11

  • Kid's Manicure


  • Kid's Pedicure 


  • Kid's Gel Add On 


  • Kid's Hand Polish Change

    from $6

  • Kid's Feet Polish Change

    from $10

Wax Services

  • Eye Brows


  • Cheek


  • Sideburn


  • Full Face


  • Full Arms


  • Brazilian Wax


  • Upper Lip


  • Forehead


  • Chin


  • Underarm


  • Full Legs


Hair Services

  • Haircut & Hair Styling


  • Root Color


  • Updos/Special Occasion Styling


  • Brazilian Blowout


  • Olaplaex Hair Treatment


  • Color Single Process-Shoulder


  • Highlights-Short


  • Highlights-Long


  • Kids Haircut 2-12 Yrs


  • Men Scissor Cut


  • Blow Out (Wash,Dry,& Style)


  • Partial Highlights


  • Brazilian Express


  • Color Single Process-Short


  • Color Single Process-Long


  • Highlights-Shoulder


Lash Services

  • Individual Lash Extension


  • Mega Volume 


  • Hybrid (Russian/Wipsy)


  • Classic/Refill $120/$60


  • Volume


  • Xtreme 3D Lashes


Permanent Makeup

  • Brow Lamination 


  • Ombre Brows 


  • Lip Blushing


  • Eyelids


  • Lips


We work with exceptional brands to offer our clients the best results.